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The Eco-Shred Secured Document Destruction Program is an innovative customer-friendly process to safely shred and recycle all of your facility’s sensitive materials.

Our process is innovative but simple. Our trained professionals will empty the provided container to fit your needs.

We offer three options for containers:

  • 95 Gallon
  • 65 Gallon
  • 35″ Locking Cabinet

The contents for destruction will be placed in a secure container on our vehicle.
Upon pickup, our client will sign the pick-up and receive a statement of confidentiality and destruction agreement. The contents of the pick-up will be transported securely and unopened until reaching our destruction facility. Each bag is then removed, emptied and shredded where it is rendered unrecognizable. After this process, the product is baled and sent off to be recycled. Upon destruction, our client will receive a certificate of destruction uploaded into your customer portal for viewing/printing.

Program Benefits

  • No unfair contracts
  • No need to store documents invaluable office real estate
  • Licensed, insured, and bonded
  • 24-hour access to all documentation
  • Charges are added to your current monthly bill for ease of bundle bill pay
  • Great proven customer service with a proven company
  • 24-hour live camera feed of destruction facility
  • Low consistent pricing
  • Easy billing— these charges can be added to your current monthly medical waste disposal bill.
  • Documents transported to our secure facility
  • All documents shredded to an un-identifiable paper waste which is 100% recycled.

Medical Waste Services is a member of the National Association for Information Destruction